Build to Suit

SL Industrial Partners

SL Industrial Partners has a successful track record of assisting companies to overcome sophisticated development projects. Our in house team of development experts understand how to efficiently navigate complex entitlements and re-zonings while solving any geotechnical, environmental and infrastructure challenges that may arise during the development process. Our extensive construction experience demonstrates our knowledge of various real estate markets throughout the United States, as well as our ability to identify build-to-suit opportunities located near major transportation infrastructure within these markets.


SL Industrial Partners understands the value and importance of logistically advantaged real estate. From start to finish, we help with site selection, design and development of build-to-suit facilities that significantly improve a company’s supply chain efficiency.

Assets and Relationships

SL Industrial Partners is a primary developer of build-to-suit facilities with a focus on industrial product. We have the financial vision, flexibility, in-house resources and third-party networks to quickly complete intricate projects.